Tender moments depicted in high action high drama situations bug me. I’m not sure why. If I think about it rationally, the shadow of death probably does prompt your most basic nature. If nothing else the desire to be consoled – to prove you are alive to feel something more than fear in the face of death. Even so I hate IPLSes (ill placed love scenes – as I refer to them).

Waterworld was the worst…a woman’s child was kidnapped and the first thing she does is bonkk some guy on a boat. Yeah…that’s what most mothers do I’m sure.

It comes to mind now because I’m watching tears of the sun…a movie that pisses off S because it is “set” in Nigeria but he asserts it is clearly not filmed there. But I digress. The tender moment of bruce willis wiping away the single tear of a woman who has been tramping through the rainforest and trying desperately to avoid death but who manages to look flawless and unfrazzled doesn’t sit well with me.

Maybe it is because it feels like a trivialization of the things people go through. But maybe I’m unrealistic. Even in war zones people continue to have families…

Of course I could go on a tirade about tears of the sun for a whole other set of reasons…like why when there is an assault the attention is focused on the soldier as he dies a poignant and meaningful death while all the Nigerians are scattered around in fuzzy focus like afterthoughts. But that is a different tirade for a different day.


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