less than a day i’ll be cramped in a small space with nothing below me but waves and uncertainty…you’d think i’d be more excited. i think i should be. but for some reason this trip doesn’t have me restless or giddy. actually it has me pretty pragmatic. i’ve packed…the lightest i’ve ever pulled off actually. and i’m all ready to go…i think…and yet the butterflies aren’t flapping their wings.

it seems odd because four years ago before i embarked on a long journey i couldn’t sleep – had overpacked – and didn’t know how to sit still…i guess things change.

for those who don’t know, i’m on my way to sri lanka for 3 weeks. mostly it is for school. i’m taking a class about the tsunami relief efforts…but i hope to have a chance to see the country some…the people…the way of life.

wadded up in there in a really selfish way, i hope this gives me the travel fix i’ve been missing out living stateside for the last four years.  it has been way to long and i am overdue on seeing something i’ve never seen before…a place i’ve never experienced. and that part excites me…if only a glimmer in my pen waiting to write it all down.

and i do  hope to be more faithful in this journey. i hope to chronicle a little better the things i see and hear and taste…and i hope to share them here. so in a few days…or a few weeks (once i return) keep an eye out for some new photos in my albums and some new visions from my pen.

of course this is also a glimpse into my life…my future…the work i hope to be doing soon. this is the first time i’ll get to actually see what might greet me on a daily basis once i run across the stage clutching my degree…it’s a little like picking door number 2 on the price is right…so here i go, holding my breath and waiting to see what is revealed to me.


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  1. T.Marie says:

    *sigh* new journeys. i know you'll enjoy, savor and share your experiences. for those of us who haven't stepped foot out of this country, we live through the vivid details you share. so write lots. and update your blog often. and know that you'll be missed.

    – Tiara

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