we took the long way from the powell station by accident. unseasonably warm in the city, we were almost sweating by the time we found the entrance. a bustle of people smiling and asking for cards or email addresses. i’m not sure what i expected.

in some ways it was a throw back to the job fairs i worked as a peace corps recruiter. only now i’m on the other side of the table, waiting patiently – not for a job, but for more inforamtion on the volunteer and board opportunities bay area orgs have to offer.

the clarence foundation was my main interest. looking for board members, they were posted on volunteer match. a few other places caught my attention and they all mentioned today’s fair. so after guilting my friend SL into it, we ventured over to the city and wandered around looking at the myriad of ways we could make a difference…big and small.

national radio project and hify and a mass of others that struck or didn’t strike my immediate fancy. and they seemed interested. of course only time will tell. are we well matched, do times work out, are my skills useful? but the idea makes me feel good…focusing on life outside myself.

last month was really difficult for me. application rejections and returning from my trip with no real idea of what next…

i had similar feelings in 2007, when i was looking for a job and suffering from heartbreak…my friend and volunteer life coach told me then to think about what made me happy…what allowed me to have perspective. and then, as now, one of the answers is living beyond myself – ignoring the call of narcissism (at least the wallowing kind…not necessarily the blogging kind).

and so i hope to be volunteering and/or “boarding” by february. a new challenge and a new way to look and be beyond myself…i guess we’ll see.

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