driving in the interior of sri lanka is like getting around the block by spinning around…you make it eventually, but you are dizzy and tired by the time you arrive. last night’s journey was brutal. winding through lush mountains and playing dodgeball with tuc tucs (three wheele buggy things) “thinking they can” up the winding roads was arduous. not to mention the time factor. only 116 km an it took over 3 hours to get there. there is more of the same tonight. last night we didn’t arrive until after 11 and our morning started at 6…more to come more to come.

colombo – for the brief time i’ve been here reminds me of houston. insanely large and mired in traffic. it took us an hour to go a few kms. we were late to our first meeting – a tamil member of parliment. such an intense concept to be sitting in a rooom and listening to people talk about the history and uncertain future of the country.

jesus is apparently still white. nestled at most corners or curves in the road, there is usually a statley buddha sitting or standing…serenity, peace, patience. further east the buddhas are balanced by ganesh. but along the coast approaching tsunami country a church straddles the corner – an alcove that usually houses a buddha statue instead houses a pale faced jesus dragging a cross behind him. an intersting contrast.

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