another day of bombings in lebanon and isreal, another day of foiled terrorist plots in the uk, another day of atrocities that will never make the news. and i marvel…marvel at the world and all its beauty and all the ways we seek to destroy that beauty.

it makes me sad.

no great revalation there i know but i look at my nieces and wonder what kind of world i am leavcing them to contend with. i think of my friends newly married, creating families of their own and am torn between a sense of sadness and hope.

S was excited last night, caught up in an idea of how he can make his world – the world – a better place. and we talked about it, threw out ideas, discussed funding…and at one point he laughed and told me to slow down, it was just an idea. but for me, the idea – the belief that such a thing exits and could be meaningful is almost as important as doing the thing itself.


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