i’m at the lsu library for a quick moment to reflect, contact folks and stop sneezing. today we ventured to the homemade shelter for pets. not my idea of a good time but one of my new friends has been really awesome and wanted to try this out…bad idea of the allergy persuasion.

i ended up sneezing and snotting all over the place. not to mention cleaning up dog crap in the stifling heat is not my idea of rendering aid. i can kind of wrap my mind around it when i think about the guy i saw on oprah who was clinging to his dog and wouldn’t get on teh bus to evacuate because they were making him leave him. on the surface i don’t understand that connection with something four legged and furry…but when i though of that dog being the ONLY thing that man had left, thinking about it as part of his childhood (which it was) i can understand why people want to reunite with their pets…and maybe in some small way it makes their lives better…some kid’s day more normal. or maybe that is what i say to myself so i don’t feel like i wasted a day that could have been used shlupping ice and food under the blazing sun like i did yesterday and the day before.

i must admit i am tired in a way i was not anticipating. i’m also annoyed that there seems to be so little in the way of organization. at the same time i am amazed at the human capacity to give of themselves. that is reassuring where other things are not.

it feels like i should have more interesting things to say but for now i don’t. my plans for post-baton rouge are up in the air…i had plans but they seem to be shifting without me…i’ll keep you posted as they solidify. part of it hinges on how long i can keep this up. right now i’m a volunteer – in three weeks i’m elegible to actually work, i’m not sure i have that much umph left in me. i guess i’ll see in the coming weeks.

thanks for all of your prayers…

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