or if it is cement it isn’t quite dry yet. late this morning i got a phone call from crisis corps and had an impromptu interview. it was strange to be on the answering side of the questions after so long as a recruiter. it went well enough until she asked if i have had a major life change or traumatic expereince in the last three months.

i giggled.

how could i not giggle. the irony of katrina revisited.  at any rate, we chatted about that and coping with difficult situations and she e-mailed a “trauma” form for me to fill out. dutiful as i am i completed it and shot it back.

then this evening around 6 or so i got another call from PC. poor guy was eating dinner and trying to process me through. it appears all my references like me well enough to send me out to toxic water or the far reaches of arkansas to help my fellow evacuees…so it’s a go. tomorrow i’ll fill out the hsr (health status review form) – more formality than anything else i think…and then i’ll make flight arrangements and by sometime sunday i’ll be on a plane to florida. after that i don’t konw.

i’m excited and slightly nervous – yet another chapter to my life…unplanned as the good ones tend to be.

anyone know of a good book i should take with me…preferably nothing tear worthy?

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