silly me, i forgot i’m brown.

tonight a friend and i went out to eat…or rather, that was the plan. a place was recommended to us and so we arrived eagerly anticipating the good food we’d heard about. we were met with a wait…understandable, it is the warehouse district down by the civic center. 15 minutes later we were led to a table, water was splashed down and we were informed that a waiter would be by to tend to us. so we smiled, tried to ignore the man behind us that insisted on carrying on a conversation and basically passed time.

a few moments later another couple was seated. immediately they had water and bread. a few moments later…more bread adn some kind of sauce. 10 minutes later the people next to us had their appetizer plates removed. their water was refreshed. three waiters passed by us at different times. smiled. said nothing. did nothing. looked at our empty table and walked right by.

my friend is in the industry. when she gave the go ahead we got up. i asked for the manger and told her that we had been seated for entirely too long with no one remotely responding to us despite the stellar service to every other table around us. shd said sorry and continued on her way…we continued on ours.

when we first arrived there was a black couple waiting to be seated. as we left we realized they were gone too. i guess all money isn’t green…

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  1. LaDawn says:

    It's racial man!!!! LOL!

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