it dawned on me today that when i say goodbye this round…before i head off to new york and cali – i am saying goodbye for a year. not just the …i’ll see you next holiday or when i pass through to my nieces. this is…goodbye until i cross a great big expanse of ocean. twice. once to get there and once more to get back.


and it isn’t the longest i’ve been gone. far from it. but like every goodbye it brings with it the reality that life moves on. i have a friend who is getting married next july. others with kids…probably more to come. some sure to move.

when i say goodbye – it is to things how i know them now. to how i remember them. not just goodbye until i see you again.

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  1. AJ says:

    deep, but regardless miss ashley. those same people, they will still love you when ever you come back.

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