i’ve never been much of an entertainer. i love the idea in theory but i am easily spooked by the idea of committing to some future time to be in a particular kind of mood. i think i’ve been learning in recent years that to some degree i can make my mood fit my circumstances. in that spirit i had my inaugural game night.

it was an interesting evening…fun…random. folks showed up that i didn’t expect at all. an old peace corps friend, my girl who arrived from europe that same day (she fell asleep in my big chair), folks from work, a friend of my cousin (who i now consider my friend), and family.

the first guest wandered in around 7:30 and the last one yawned and wandered home just shy of 4am.

there weren’t a lot of games played. we managed a group game of taboo before dissolving into random conversation. of course there was food…and a discussion of what games for next time. it was fun…i look forward to next month.

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