Not to be redundant, as my sister just touched on this, but technology is amazing. It is able to bend the confines of time and space and render them almost obsolete. Surfing into what is in reality – nothing – but has become – virtual – all of a sudden where I am sitting and what I am doing right this instance is made somehow larger. I am somehow more available.


Friends send me invites to all sorts of sites. I rarely keep up except when I’m sent a message that lets me know that someone somewhere said something on one of those spaces. And until just the other day those someones were all people that I could reach out and touch in some other way. If I didn’t post today’s mood or my favourite cartoon…it wouldn’t be anything at all except random space I didn’t fill.


But earlier this week I got a an invitation from my past. A person who I haven’t spoken to in 8 years. Almost a quarter of my life. And all of a sudden there he is. Filling in spaces of questions and experiences. Reminding me of who I was so long ago in what feels like another life. And at the same time there he was in this life – still a smiling face I remember – still a bender of words, able to fit them into the space you can manage at the time.


And as dots do tend to connect, or rather we tend to connect them, I also caught up with another friend 6 years in my past. Tracing our lives journeys into some understanding of our presents.

And so I am amazed…thrilled…intrigued…delighted that virtual has filtered into my actual. I guess that is what they mean by virtual reality.

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