so it has been raining like a beast out here…considering everything is on a steep hill that adds a level of difficulty i hadn´t anticipated. of course until today that meant it was cool…today it was just humid, sticky and humid. mmmm, my favorite.

class teh past two days has been me trying to talk like a 6 or 7 year old instead of a 5 year old -with my maestro. it has been interesting -albeit disjointed conversation. i´m pleased at the things i´ve managed to learn from talking to her.

today we celabrated my sobrino´s graduation from second grade. this amazing soup i have to get the recipe for (as if i´ll stay put long enough to actually simmer chicken…alas, ladawn or ced will). i also thought how strange it must be to have a complete stranger at your table who only understands every second or third word (fifth on a bad day). even so, these people are amazing and i have yet another family to add to my list of familes around the world.

after waking up at 8 (keep in mind class is at 8) the other night after listening to my hermanos playing guitar and singing for a few hours, i went to bed early last night. what a difference it makes. i´m able to wake up without an alarm clock…which is good since i didn´t pack one.

oh yeah,  one last thing…an outdoor bathroom doesn´t suck because it is outside, or even because it is outside in the rain, but because inside while listening to the rain you have to go to the bathroom more frequently and more urgently because you hear the rain outside…

and…just an aside,  i had forgotten about the chickens with toupees…we had them in south africa. these rather sad looking things that are bald all around thier necks and most of their head except a cluster of feathers delicately arranged like a very bad rug…

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  1. AJ says:

    ¿pollos dirigidos calvos? ¡vea, yo dijo a esas muchachas tontas del barrio que eran animales VERDADEROS!

    translation brought to u by:

    u seriously think i know spanish…? LOL, just trying to give u something to practice…i concur with mr. ty kareem fisher, this could go in a book…shoot u already have a title…the same one u have for your blog…what do u think Mr. Fisher???

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