it is 10pm and i still haven’t finished the assignment due tomorrow. and it isn’t that i waited until the last minute to work on, i’ve actually broken my ritual “last minute start” and began this a few weeks back. only the urgecny didn’t hit…at least not the kind i’m used to.

this urgency is more a fear. fear that my american-ness will not be what they are looking for. fear that what i produce will not be satisfactory for uni.

but i plug on. working the libarary journals looking for what i think janet would like. (my professors are not called dr. or prof. here, rather i am still working my tongue up to saying, “hey janet, can you check this out for me?” if i can’t bring myself to do that how on earth can i bring my pen to create an assignment worth 30% of my grade?)

so it is coming along…my thoughts a little sporadic and with me in definite need of a printer to check what i’ve said…but even so it is coming along. and all i can do is pull together the apa format for my bibliography and go forward from there…yeah…sure…i’m calm…

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  1. AJ says:

    stay focused!!! i will pray for ya!!!

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