people have been jokingly wishing me a happy 22nd birthday or some other young number. as if it is something to be ashamed of. i’m not. i relish not being in my 20s anymore. i learned a lot but i prefer where i am now.

i rang in my birthday among friends at a Ledisi concert. oddly i had never heard her music before, but a friend mentioned it and since our birthdays are so close together we thought it would be a cool way to ring in the new year.

yesterday was redwoods and ocean. soemthing about the magest and granduer that is beyond me in ability but around me in abundance…is calming, humbling, inspiring.

it reminds me that i want to live life as robustly and fully as i can. this year i want to:

  1. go on at least one international trip this year
  2. create a more solid career direction
  3. incorporate volunteer work into my everyday life
  4. work out at least twice a week (bellydancing for the moment)
  5. read at least one book a month
  6. camp in the redwoods
  7. visit a desert
  8. try a new recipe once a month
  9. write something non-work related once a month
  10. dress up for dinner and wear my strappy sandals
  11. road trip someplace and sleep near the ocean
  12. spend the day at an amusement park
  13. take an art class
  14. organize my photos
  15. write my south african host family
  16. begin and complete the artist’s way
  17. take the ferry
  18. complete the australian application
  19. call MSF
  20. fly a kite on the beach
  21. see at least three live music events
  22. attend at least 4 festivals/outside events

…to be continued…

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  1. Teresas says:

    Great list!!! Completely doable – start with this weekend, girl!

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