Google maps is amazing. just for fun…or horror depending on your frame of mind…type an address into it, any address…say…mine…if you know it, and then click the katrina button…ummm yeah…

on an upside…the water doesn’t look that high. maybe i managed to stay dry, and the windows in tact. at the very least, the roof is in place. that’s good right?


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  1. AJ says:

    Linnea, yea Google is very much so off the chain…i find even more interesting that some times the map lines and the satellite photos dont always match up with the development in new areas. O i seen ya dad about half a month ago and he said u were in tulane u doing ya thing. but i do pray and hope all will get better there. Hey i want to know do u have any lingering issues with me? i am being a friend becuase i want to know. i always felt as if i was the odd man out. but congrats on your wedding i know he is a blessed man to have u on his team and vise versa; anywho i saw this lil message on here and thought i would give my 3 cents…so i have a 360 blog as well its not as detailed as yours…but its one…LOL. i am proud of you linnea and i know of your events remember we havea mutual friend in fishbone…i am home and i would like to keep in touch at least. hey i dont bite ONLY if u ask! LOL anyway, stay blessed and know that i am still your friend.

    -Arthur Lee Johnson, Jr. aka AJ bka the trillest aka Arthur

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