it was one of those days…loosely planned and righteously executed.

a friend and i decided carnaval might be a good excuse to hang out again. two turned to five and the expected gray weather turned blue instead, sun warming our layers forcing removal of fleece and long sleeves. steeling glimpses of the parade, scantily clad women gyrating to pulsating music, our minds turned to food.

following the crowd as it trickled to a throng…two distinct lines for security, males to the left females the right. once inside our senses were assaulted with food…papousas,mangoes, kebabs. the choices seemed endless but mostly ended with us sitting on the curb talking current events and past experiences while sharing flavors.

from there we watched more dancing and walked out of the fair and into the city, meandering through shops and eating ice cream.

from there R and i went on a RSD (random scenic drive) out to marin county and beyond. it was my first time to an actual beach since i’ve been in the bay. we drove into the hills gazing down at waves crashing in the filtered light and shortly after listened to the sand smooth itself against blue water as the sun settled quickly into the horizon.

from there we wound back the way we had come and ended the day with italian food and talking about favorite memories from our youth back in tallahassee it was unexpected and unplanned but it was definitely a good day.

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