so i finished it…my spss paper. i can’t say its good. i can say i learned something…whether it was enough to make the paper make sense i’ll find out in a week to a month. we’ll see then. so a load off of me and now there is room for yet another load…my exam for the same class. the irony – these last two things are worth 70% of my grade. seems wrong on every level. the only saving grace is that here 50% is still passing.

of course…after tuesday’s exam i have to get back to my job. before i get home i have quite a hefty “to do” list. i need to…

  •  pull together my portfolio of my work for class
  • finish my report for my capstone for tulane
  •  enroll in classes at tulane
  • apply for TWO differnt fellowships
  • pull together two speeches
  • write a final report for a work project
  • back up my harddrive

and yet, even as i know my plate is full i sit here typing this…preparing to go see the spacifix and contemplating how good my bed will feel afterwards.


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