this morning my almost-four-year-old niece came barging into my bedroom announcing breakfast. exhausted from the previous night i mumbled something and returned to sleep until she reappeared, like cold BBQ at the back of your throat, to announce once again the arrival of breakfast.

and there it was, a lovely breakfast hot and waiting for me when i finally stumbled down the stairs.

and right there are two things i won’t have in three days…my sister’s home-cooking with a place set at the table for me, and my three nieces crowded around me demanding attention and scolding and love.

as i packed up some of my stuff tonight, my sister busily twisting her hair on the floor beside me, her youngest intermittently screaming her head off and eating, i lamented to myself that these late night conversations about all sorts of randomness will be put on hold indefinitely.

this trip feels strange though. my sister pointed out that unlike my other moves which were either across oceans or within a relatively short drive – this trip is both close and far away. i won’t use a passport to get there and still i won’t be available to drive in for extended weekends.

my world is changing again…i’m curious to see what it will look like this time.

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