i’d like to write some fun stuff now but stress seems to have taken over my mind body and soul. it seems that the slightest thing – what should be the easiest thing – becomes this monumental task incvolving way more effort than i ever though necessary.

today was the day that classes opened for registration at tulane. i got online and eagerly searched for the three i need…two of them go off without a hitch…but the third…

i can take one of two classes. usually one of them is offered one semester and the other the next. of course today…neither was listed. more than that…i’ve been trying to get in contact with my school for more than a month now on some loan issues. no reply. so what should have just been a routine registration has instead become an email writing campaign to find out what is going on.

the idea of still not graduating next semester is almost more than i can take…actually it may be more than i can take.


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