we all have them…coutries included. who we let in with a smile and a nod, who we frisk and leave waiting on the other side until we have no choice but to begrudgingly let them pass.

i’m preparing for a trip to australia this break. the time is slowly ticking away and i realized i needed a visa. so i jumped online to look for my information and my boyfriend’s so we could get a jump on the paperwork.

his requires his new zealand visa be updated for a longer stay, that he show proof of his scholarship and payment and enrollment of his classes for next semester, and proof of $7,000 in the bank.

mine took about 5 minutes, i did it online and provided none of the above.

boundaries…these whimsical, imaginary, abstractions of the mind are so important. they show where i belong and where you belong and they show when one of us has strayed without the proper permission. they show who is privy to what resources…what diamonds, oil, schools, hospitals, quality of life, life expectancy…they decide who lives and who dies and how.

i have a friend who is anti borders. he planted the idea in my head about 6 months ago. i laughed at the time telling him he was too left for me and that i didn’t think the world was ready to give everyone a great big hug and reorganize the resources.

i still don’t.

still, i can’t help but think of the how lucky or un- a person can be depending on birthplace. 5 minutes in front of my computer and i don’t even need a stamp in my passport…i’m free and easy. a week later and we’re still soritng out paperwork. boundaries are funny that way.

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  1. T.Marie says:

    As always, I love your phrasing and word choice. Peeking into your mind is always a treat. Thanks for the insight. OK, now that I've said that. I can't hold back any longer. I know we aren't in high school, or boy-crazy anymore. But you can't just drop "boyfriend" into a blog entry and not explain that one. You left Texas with no boyfriend. Now you have one. What about a blog entry on this one little change? I can't be the only one wondering.

  2. Mary P says:

    i'm wondering too.

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