i think most people fear impermanence. the concept of change is the source of consternation. even if what is known is bad – the idea that what lies beyond is unknown makes it worse.

i am the opposite. in my world – the only constant was change. each new move prepared me for the inevitable – my next move. so much so that even after my dad retired and i grew up and ventured out on my own i still find myself moving.

because of this, doing what most people consider mundane has been something i’ve avoided. and i always had reason. why buy a cutting board or a mixer or furniture…i’d be leaving it behind to collect dust in a year or two.

only for once i may not. don’t get me wrong, in a year or two i may very well continue my nomadic lifestyle and pick up and move to i don’t know where but for now…for now this is where i am.

so i’m buying things. trying to weigh need against mindless acquisition of stuff. and so thing like measuring cups – like a mixer – like a couch are emerging in my home. in my home. home. a word i use so infrequently to describe the places i live.

i don’t know what sits on my future’s horizon. it is my comfort in a new world of somewhat certainty.

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