for my part – stupidity played it’s part.

my cell phone is gone. i’d like to think i simply misplaced it but i have a sinking suspicion that it was stolen from the office today. i had it out trying to get everyone’s attention about my second rant…

fema has STOPPED giving the $2000 the president promised. that’s right.

don’t be confused…a few weeks ago they stopped giving the CARDS not the money…now they have stopped giving the money even though some people got it and lots more need it. i’m so tired and feel like such a pawn in a big ugly machine i don’t even know what to say…

send your numbers by e-mail although i have no idea when i’ll be able to call anyone.

can i just be bitter for a moment and say that life sucks in the biggest of ways right now!

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  1. x0lani says:

    Your phone was stolen!? And I thought you weren't in South Africa anymore…

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