i’ve lived in some interesting places. i’ve slept in conditions that vary from the very posh hotel i spent one night in while in switzerland to a tent with 3 inches of water and a soaking sleeping bag in tanzania. i don’t consider myself overly picky. even so…my apartment sucks beyond the telling.

and it isn’t about some glaring issue that would make anyone who came by agree that this is a dump…it is more an accumulation of things.

the mold that is growing up my window sill because there is no insulation and so condensation accumlates at the windows…the cold that seeps into my bones because the heater doesn’t stay on for more than 15 minutes…the lack of light because of the size and placement of my window…and the odd shape of my room.

it makes me sad.

at first i wasn’t sure if i could blame it on my room…too much confounding…but i spent this morning and S’s, without him there, and i felt fine. the day was clear teh sky blue and his huge windows bathed me in light as i typed away. the space all around me allowed me to lounge without feeling confined. and while i can’t say my recent funk has been caused by my moist dim narrow box i can say there is a connection of some sort on some level.

what to do what to do?

monday or tuesday i will move to the room next to mine…its shape is triangle instead of a narrow rectangle…the window is about twice the size of mine and it tends to get light for a longer portion of the day…i’ll see if that helps.

if that doesn’t help…i’ll have to regroup and make a plan B.

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  1. C S says:

    Hi Linnea! LaDawn gave me your blog address. Thought I'd let you know that Mark and I are on our way to Australia mid-August; would have liked to have gone thru Auckland, but couldn't work it. I know it's going to be cold (lots colder than Texas) traveling to the southern hemisphere this time of year, and the dampness makes you feel the cold more. If it's any consolation, we rode our bikes today along the Trinity River in the July heat – around 95 F. Got home before 100 F hit. Think warm, hot Texas sun. : ) Chris Smith

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