We evacuated today. I haven’t decided if we were being overly cautious or just so…but when we got to the drc (disaster recovery center) at 8:30am, there was a line that wrapped out of the parking lot and down the street. They weren’t for us…we are pretty good at getting people processed and through the system – yes I’m tooting the boutte fema horn – but red cross can only take 250 people a day.


Trust me that isn’t many and the line was many people beyond that. So we convoyed…our protection guys from black hawk love to convoy…to a parking lot a little ways away and waited for the sheriff’s department or national guard or someone to disperse the group. And it looks like they did.

Even so I can’t help but feel bad…they were waiting in line for hours, some since 9:30pm.
It’s a desperation most of us will never know.
And even in the midst of this one of the people set to help commented that it would be better if they would go get a job instead.


What jobs? Where?

I’m curious to see how much people are still paying attention two months from now, when the new car smell wears off and people are still desperately in need.

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  1. AJ says:

    bravo!!! i am telling u NOW!!! right now!!! u are going to write my first featured article in VIBE…i swear i wont do it unless u interview me…i dont want anyone else doing it! I SWEAR! -Arthur ps-yea being violated on ANY leverl is not cool! be narcarsisstic (OR HOW EVERY U SPELL IT!!!!LOL)

  2. AJ says:

    yea…good non tear jerking (in a good way) is any BOONDOCK comics collection book. u didnsay novel, u said book! LOL -ArthurLee

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