the moon, almost full, hung gauzy in the twilight. the sun had crossed the horizon but darkness hadn’t regained her hold over day, though the time was close. i stopped for a moment, the car settling into itself with the usual groans and clinks, and looked up. in high school i would have called mark, in college it was niambi. they shared my appreciation for the seeming minutia of life…the texture of leaves clinging to wispy branches, the blueness of birds flitting against a cloudless sky, a sunset burning crimson and orange on the horizon.

mostly i get strange looks now. some friends slow their gait, recognizing it is futuile to hurry me along. others wonder what i’m staring at, never seeming to notice the delicate detail of bay area tile work or stained glass sodering.

i miss the knowing smile of someone who sees the beauty, not the crazy, in watching stars and waves with interest and awe. i still see the beauty scattered through seemingly mundane days but i sure miss the company of others that share my vision.

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