i’m staring out the window and gazing at what can only be described as “spastic” weather. New Zealand is the king of spastic weather. This morning the clouds were thick and by the time I walked outside the sun had come out but the wind whipped up into unbelievable gusts. And then rain fell from the sky where there were no visible clouds and shortly afterwards the sky opened up and has remained open for most of the day.


It reminds me of my life right now. The constant changing of events within moments of each other. Last night my “landlord” came it to inform me that my room is rented to someone else as of next week…um…yeah…didn’t know that. And then I got an e-mail confirming that my class is NOT being offered next semester. And of course there was the chat with both my school and my loan company with no one having a proper record of my loan money.


My life is in a bit of chaos – and I am left blowing in the wind, basking in the sun, soaking in the rain…  

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