don’t fuss…for those of you who didn’t hear from me directly…i just found out my flight info this evening. it wasn’t a slight, just a slipping away of time.

i decided that i need to DO something. so rather than lament this horrible event and cry over all the suffering i decided that i, unlike most people, have the luxury of time and circumstance on my hands. i intend to use it. so tomorrow bright and early i head off into the sunny arms of florida. i’ll do a few days training in orlando and then i’m off to some unknown destination. it’s like peace corps all over again except with a shorter application time. this time i got cleared in a day and a half!

i’ll try to keep up the blogging but i have no idea what kind of circumstances i’ll be in. i could be in a shelter or a hotel room or anything. not to mention, if i’m closer to the surrounding area i’m not sure if my phone will work in terms of people calling in…but go ahead and try it. text messages usually work either way and i’m sure i’ll be able to get my hands on some internet at some point.

for all of your support, love and patience in dealing with me…all i can say is thank you – i couldn’t have managed this without you!

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