the differences are pronounced. and where they were once so familiar i took them for granted, now they are more faint – jogged by a random sign or the lilt from a voice on the radio.

i’m south again. that is, i’m in the south. oklahoma for work and it is at once a coming home and a going away.

there are no vegan options here. last year when we came there was bacon on everything…the rice, the vegetables. i laughed to myself – couldn’t contain the grin because in some ways i am held hostage to the healthy lifestyles of the left coast.

this time it snuck up on me a little. the rebel something or other. a corner store complete with rebel flag bright against the blue sky. and despite growing up in texas and seeing that flag – if not often, more than i see it in cali – it caught me off guard. a reminder that i am far from where i used to be.

when we landed the flight attendant warned passengers to “only smoke in the designated areas”. we have fewer and fewer areas in cali…and flipping channels today there was an abundance of christian music and sermons.

the sky was the same blue…though it was warmer here today. the people were as i remember the south – sincerely friendly or noticeably not. and i am back in the cradle of the south. reminded of her flaws and her beauty.

and tomorrow i’ll return to the land of farmer’s markets and liberal guilt. but before i leave i’ll be sure to partake of some bacon sprinkled something or other…

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