i’ve been to the gym once in the past three months.


the one time was last week when i woke up from a nightmare at some unholy hour and couldn’t manage to find mare-less sleep again. so i rose and found myself cursing the treadmill.

today i thought i’d try something a little different.

the entrance is small. only a doorway really, and stairs leading up. inside, prince bathed over me in the studio and a woman smiled at me from amidst the t-shirts and glittering scarves.

“yes this is my first time.”

i wasn’t sure what to expect. i half expected something too cheesy to tolerate. instead i found something akin to the vibes from the vagina monologues – women laughing and talking and trying something they aren’t entirely comfortable with.

i got the basic shimmy down ok. the instructor looked genuinely pleased and praised my form. the 3/4 shimmy was another story.

but i could feel a little burn in my legs and a belly and i’ve been shimmying on and off since i got home so i take it as a good sign.

this will be my last month at the gym. no sense paying for what i don’t use. i’ll be converting my wellness benefit over to belly dancing instead. one day of cardio shimmy pop and one day of technique. not as much as i’d like and more than what i’m already spending…but this i think i’ll use.

who knew i’d ever return to dancing?

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