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oct. 25, 2005

the water was ool -cold against the skin in the dusking sky. the copnay, a panamanian missionary eager to speak no matter how tortured my efforts of spanish. he asked where i was from -rather-if i was country kin (panamanian too). but alas my failed spanish betrayed my roots. estados unidos. even so, treading clear lake water with tiny fish darting before me and pink clouds billowing the possiblity of rain, the moment seemed natural. neer mind this is a new place -both mind and body, it smelled vaugley of something or someplace i´ve been.

oct. 26.

novelty has escaped as quickly as the heat. thismorning lends a chill to both my bones and my ego. espnaol no vas vacil para mi. the struggle this morning is my struggle always -estar y ser. but it ectens. my will “to be” past tense still evades me. and iroly of ironies, the pace of speech slays me.

my patience was short -with myself and with hearing it all around me a trip to arcas, a local rescue and rehabilitation center for the surrouning forest was interesting in theory., but solamente spansih with potential dengue feber (read muchas mosquitos) on a mission to bite blended into background musci to my own musings.

of course being climbed on by spker mondkesy and having my hair pulled by said monkeys was intersint . they are stonl little things with dextrous grips.

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