trust is an intersting thing, it tells as much about you as it does about anyone else. i guess if i really think about it, it only tells about you.

who do you let into the interiors of your life? how you treat them once they are there? what issues from past wrongs rear their heads to taunt you in your present? how you deal with vulnerablity?

it isn’t just trust in the clearest form…the skulking about or assuming that someone else is being untruthful…but that quiet gnawing that makes you wonder if you are getting the whole story… if the way someone speaks to you is sincere…if the compliments you recieve are genuine…if the uneasiness you feel around friends is their doing or your own.

my father is the ultimate in taking responsiblity. i’ve tried to adopt his mentality…you can only control what you do, your perspective, so no use getting all worked up about someone else’s…

if someone compliments you he doesn’t believe in trying to figure out their motives…he believes you should take it in the best spirit it can have an move on. wise words, better actions, but easier thought about than done.

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