it is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over time.

for my own part i am amazed. i have perfected the art of packing light and i joke that everything i own can fit in the closet of my old bedroom in my parents’ house (and it can) but boy was that closet full when we began pulling stuff out to be sorted.

my grandfather is moving in with my parents and while i have a bunch of stuff – he has 90 years worth so…space must be made.

even so…with 60 years between us…the amount of stuff i have thrown away is mind boggling. old poems and short stories. assignments both journalistic and academic. clothes and souvenirs from travel.

it is a little like “this was your life”. only it isn’t’ anymore. its been rewritten rerouted reworded…and i can’t say i’m displeased with the results (with the exception of S being there and me being here).

at any rate i hope i’m inspired…to pull myself together and accumulate less stuff…to appreciate what i have without feeling the need to add to it. we’ll see how long this lasts before i’m puring out another closet and pondering where it all came from.


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