i liked pirates of the carribean. heck…anything with johnny depp is starting on the right foot. so even though i don’t go to the movies very often, i was eager to see the second installment of the soon to be trilogy.

so, to pass the time our last night of vacation we ducked into the movies after some thai food.


it was awful.

it was long and meandering. it was the antithesis of anticlimactic – it was multiclimactic to the point that is ceased to be climactic at all. jack was a paridy of himself instead of the quirky weird person he was last time. the characters are trying too hard to have depth and in general it was a painfully long movie that left me ticked that i gave it my money – but more importantly my time!


2 Comments on dead man's chest should stay dead

  1. Daniel T says:

    AGREED. Too much going on at once and the script really overdid Jack Sparrow's humor…

  2. whitney a says:

    How do you explain the money this movie is making still number 1 at the box office

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