ok so my daddy isn’t and my mom is but that is neither here nor there. mostly i’m just thrilled that my tuition money finally made it in. it was here intially, then it got cancled by rotary, only they didn’t send a replacement check until about two weeks later. that said…it is here now.

so i can pay my tuition before they boot me out of class hopefully.

in other news…i’ve also begun to recieve speaking engagements for my time here. i have one confirmed and another one in the works (both for april). i was so excited to get the call i didn’t know what to do with myself. it isn’t that i haven’t done speaking stuff before…it is just that this feels different somehow…though if i think about it i guess it really isn’t.

i managed to go down to the viaduct the other day. a beautiful day with the sun warming gently and the sky clear and blue. that is the cruel joke of auckland in the fall – today it is cold and gray. no matter…i am still enchanted with this city and its city life.

and the people so far have been beyond friendly…so i smile at auckland and all of the international and domestic flavor it has to offer!

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