i’m choosing pink for a reason. i hate the color pink and so it is the perfect color to use as i lead you on the journey of my own sublime idiocy.

i didn’t look at the dates. i had them comitted to memory. my my papers were due the 6th the 10th and the 12th…which got changed to the 10th, the 12th and the 12th. or so it was in my head when i turned in one on teh 7th (early) and prepared to turn the other two in today.

only one of them was actually due on the 9th…ummm yeah. late doesn’t go well…even less so when the assignment is worth 50 percent of your grade. but waht could i do…i hurried to put the final touches on them both…or rather i planned to do that this morning on my way to my last important final.

and despite only getting 3 hours of sleep last night (sleep evaded me like a coy lover and then descended upon me like an enraged stalker once it was time for me to rise) everything seemed on schedule.

that is until clambered off the tamaki shuttle and was met with gale force winds and rain ushering me along. the campus looked gray but i was preparing for a final…of course it looked gray.

only, it was gray for a reason, all the doors were jammed open for a reason…the power was out. not just on campus, not just on that side of town, but all over auckland. and so there was no quick scurry to the computer lab to adjust my changes. there was no use of endnote to correct my bililography section. instead i sat in a deserted lab with a friend (which, by the way, is how i discovered assignment #2 was tardy) and resigned myself to whatever fate befalls me.

and then i began looking for the classroom number for my exam. only it isn’t listed. anywhere. so i scurry upstairs to the department feeling stupid and panicked and ask around and discover that it was scheduled for 12 but most likely won’t happen because ALL OF AUCKLAND IS IN DARKNESS.

so i sign up to take in on wednesday and scuttle home praying that electricity will return. and it does…eventually…at half past 12 electricity surges through our walls again and i rise to make the finishing touches on my assingments.

i figure out how to upload my programme logic (a hurdle that has been mocking me for days) and things are cruising by…all i need now is a computer with endnote (becuase my computer refuses to upload it). my honey’s lights are still out and so i trudge down to campus light hearted that i am so close to the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

funny thing about bright lights in tunnels…quite often they are trains. in this instance it was the train of CLOSURE due to power outage. nothing is open. nothing. never mind this is smack dab in the middle of finals but the library the labs, everything is sporting signs of closure and directions for tomorrow.

i hike it home…again…(did i mention earlier i had to trudge the 11 flights up my stairs cuz the elevators were obviously not working?) and muddle through the changes and now here i sit…amazed at my own idiocy to mix up dates and times and any number of things.

if you have a prayer to spare please send one up so that might professor might be lenient with me…

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