i am packed…i think. i seem to get more and more lax each trip i take. before peace corps my friend kathy came over and packed for me. i don’t know why i couldn’t do it myself – i had all my stuff in a pile on the floor of the living room. but it had been there for days…maybe weeks and i hadn’t made a move.

kathy came over and held each piece up and asked if i needed it and i nodded yes or no accordingly and she packed or discarded it.

for sri lanka i took a minimalist approach and had a light load.

this trip i’m packed higher than i normally would – but i’m unsure of what to expect and i since i’ll be staying with a family i don’t want to offend them with my appearance.

now that i’m thinking about it…i’m a little unnerved…i haven’t traveled alone since china. even then, only part of my trip was alone. this time i’m flying solo from airport to school to putzing around.

i’m not sure what kind of access i’ll have to internet but i’ll do my best. keep me in your prayers please and i’ll be back in decemeber.

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  1. Keys to Life says:

    While material items on your trip may be few, you are wealthy with the love of family and friends. You always have someone who welcomes your visits, your calls, your need to be in company- with or without a request. Any one of us waits for your effort, regardless of how much time has elapsed since our last hello. Be safe and know that prayers are always with you.;-)

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