i have a confession. i used to rant about fox news with only a little bit of proof. i’d seen a story or two before and didn’t like the spin and called them swill and felt happily liberal doing so. and that’s wrong as a thinking person, journalist, and now researcher – i know better.

these days i do.

the reason i know better is that the only “cable news channel” i can get on my non-cable tv is fox news. i strained and strained to get bbc…but neither picture nor sound would cooperate. so late at night when i’m settling in, my only choice is fox news.

initially i watched it out of desperation. then, to rectify my faulty research on the matter of their credibility, and now…now i can barely stomach to look at them for more than a few moments.

i can’t stomach it because what others said and blindly followed is true. they are biased beyond belief. and while i could give a string of reasons that stretch from never seeing a democrat interviewed even when discussing something clearly split down partisan levels to never hearing a dissenting opinion or thought from the cast…

but most poignant to the moment…well that is isreal and lebanon.

in all fairness i didn’t watch a long time…i didn’t have the stomach for it…but i watched the scrolling headline bar at the bottom while trying to drown out the one-sided conversation they were having out loud.

56 isrealis killed. 1900+ rockets launched into isreal.

i watched long enough for the headlines to scroll once and return. and in that journey – not one word about lebanon.

not one word about the children killed by isreal, the women, the men. not one thing about the ground troops from isreal invading border towns. nothing about the decimated cities. the lack of water and supplies or the stunted time allotted to let humanitarian efforts into lebanon to help quell the rising death and sick toll.

somehow none of that was worthy for the scrolling headlines. none of that was necessary for the talking heads to point out.

i’d call them journalists but they aren’t – journalists look for opposing voices to present in an attempt to show a more complete story. fox news is just media…selected images flickering like a flourescent light gone crazy.

andy they have…gone crazy. or maybe they always have been. like some crazy kid on a seesaw with no one on the other end. even children’s games don’t work when they are one sided.

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