so let’s talk for a moment about the world i’m living in…a world filled with too much stuff and not enough time to do it in…espcially when i lost a few days to being sick and uninspired.

well no more.

today i finished one of my three remaning assignments (many days early i might add). and i’ve begun one of the others and have started culling information for the third. is time creeping in on me? of course…espeically given that i have to study for two final exams that take place on saturday and monday.

even so, i’m feeling good. i spent the day focused and even with a nap that went arry after a late lunch i still managed to finish one assignment and work work work my buns into a frenzy on another.

so there go my endorphins.

my other excitement is that i met up with my friend gabrielle. i met him quite a few months ago when i first moved to new zealand and didn’t know anyone. he complimented the shoes i was trying on and his accent sounded different so i asked where he was from. so began an 6 or 8 hour day speaking spanish (he’s from ecuador) and making our way through the city. in our adventures we haggled costs for zed jewelry (his business back home in france) and ate and met up with a mutual acquaintance from burundi (french speaking) so that at one point we had a conversation that was a mixture of english, spanish and french.


he left that night and promised to contact me when he was headed back south. and sure enough a few weeks later i got a text message in spanish. and a few months later another one…followed closely by his arrival.

so the other night i met him at our shoe store, where he presented me with a handcrafted leather belt and personalized bag (he’s a leatherworker) and headed for food.

my spanish was beyond rusty but after an hour or so my brain started working again…albeit slowly…and we parted ways with him headed home and an agenda in his pocket directing him to the us, ecuador, tahiti, zed, and back home to france.

what a small world we live…what a beautifully accesible small world.

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