these days i am contrary to what i have most often been. so much so that i made up a word for it.


ask me what i want to do and i’ll most likely shrug my shoulders. ask me what i want to eat and the most i can generally muster is what i don’t want to eat. this isn’t me. if nothing else in life, i generally have an opinion. i generally have thoughts – even if i decide to keep them to myself. they litter the pages of my blog for everyone or no one to read and agree or ignore.

but right now…right now i am filled with a malaise. not so much depression as a tacit expectation that whatever is happening is beyond my control. inevitable. rick perry will override the filibuster by calling another special session. president obama, congress, and he nsa will collect the information that facebook and google help them mine (that we help them mine by posting our every thought- my every thought – online).

i think i’m out of righteous indignation.

at least for tonight. maybe tomorrow…maybe i’ll find it tomorrow.

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