Dear Senator Obama,

The thing is, you can’t be change if you do what’s always been done.


I understand that circumstances change. I understand that winning is pretty much the point of running for president – or anything else. What I am having trouble understanding is why it is so difficult for you to just cop to what you said.


We all know you were for public finance for most of your campaign until this oint. There is no shortage of footage showing you adamantly pushing that point. All I ask of you now, is to admit you have changed your mind, not for any highbrow reason but because you know that America doesn’t know you in the same way it is acquainted with john mccain. That you need every cent you can get to introduce yourself and your thoughts on how America should be run.


I am not a fan because I believe fans are detrimental to politics. I am a supporter of you. I’ve debated with Clinton and mccain advocates. I’ve spoken earnestly about experience and the different ways you have it. I’ve challenged people to consider hope as a viable option.


And now I sit back and watch. And I need you to be the candidate you presented yorusef as. I need you to be about change. That means when you say one thing and do another – as I know will happen – speak truth to power by sharing your true motives for doing so, not the spin your inner circle will urge you to embrace. That means, searching deep into your Palestinian sympathies from years ago and bring that as balance to the middle east debate.


I urge you to be true to the man you have presented yourself and to be careful about bending to fit into someone’s niche…merging of church and state, pro gun, flag waving for flag waving’s sake. Your faith is yours, you shouldn’t have to prove how you pray or who you pray to (and I do believe faith should not be a basis for firing or hiring), america has a gun problem – a violence problem – and we are going to have to figure something out, and general clark is right – don’t let truth be mangled by media.


I support you for president and have since before super Tuesday, before many people thought it was possible. I am putting my hope in your hands…hope that you will be what you say you are and do what you said you’d do. But hope is as fragile as it is audacious, so be mindful and tread truthfully or not at all.

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