Linnea Ashley on March 29th, 2006

It won’t go away, this concept of roe v. wade for men as it is “affectionately” referred. It is the idea that as long as women have the right to choose to have a baby or an abortion a man should have the right to pay or not pay child support.   I must admit […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 29th, 2006

This is the city of sails. Walk to the water…and in a city surrounded by water it isn’t difficult…and boats line the shores, float on the waves and speckle the horizon. It is an amazing concept to me. I went from knowing not a single person who owned a boat to being attached to a […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 22nd, 2006

Not to be redundant, as my sister just touched on this, but technology is amazing. It is able to bend the confines of time and space and render them almost obsolete. Surfing into what is in reality – nothing – but has become – virtual – all of a sudden where I am sitting and […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 19th, 2006

it dawned on me tonight, that no matter my experiences in life and travel…no matter my knowldege of current affairs or politics…what i know and what i understand are different things. i was talking to a friend of mine tonight…halfway joking but mostly serious about him running for office at some point in the future. […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 17th, 2006

Today is one of those days I love…random in a way that I just couldn’t have imagined when I got up in the morning. I mean, picture me sitting around this morning eating organic oatmeal and pondering why my computer has decided to forsake me…and then rushing to my 10am meeting unsure if where I […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 14th, 2006

last night i watched the movie “frailty”t. it  is making me seriously rethink my very texan view on the death penalty. tree hugger that people see me to be, i’ve found it hard to get all worked up over the death penalty in recent years.  while it is not soemthing i herald as great i’m […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 10th, 2006

We bonded over “sweet as”, a common zed phrase that sounds a little lewd in an American context (say it out loud and you’ll get my drift) but we’ve moved beyond that into the general things that friends talk about. School…boys…travel…and our favourite…FOOD. We, are myself and my friend lana. She is a trip and  […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 8th, 2006

it isn’t that i didn’t know it existed before…the concept of power that goes beyond money and into who you know. i mean our president is a prime example of that…getting into an ivy league school with, although i have no proof – is accepted lore, less than stellar grades. come on, if that isn’t […]

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Linnea Ashley on March 8th, 2006

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Linnea Ashley on March 7th, 2006

…and 8 hours of class will make you a little stir crazy. today was my first full day of class. i mean that literally. while i am taking a kappa haka class (i’ll explain that later), today was my first day of my public health classes. each of them is from 9-5. no misprint…9-5. and […]

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