the view from my window is limited. a newly erected building blocks most of my view. for the first frew months that meant i gazed at workers dangling percariously from ropes as they sanded down concrete or washed windows. now, i have to be careful when i dress to make sure that someone isn’t contemplating their own limted view and looking back at me.

but that isn’t the point. the point is that my view is limited. a building, the street below. over the stretch of trees there is the motorway. and above that, the grafton bridge.

for some of it, i can fill in the gaps. i have a friend who lives over the grafton bridge, i’m there enough to know what shops i’ll pass, what the view looks like from the middle. there is curved plastic that lines the sides to protect jumpers from themselves and walkers from the rain. and when teh day is clear you can see the harbor with ease.

of course i’ve seen these things from other perspectives now. from the bus riding down the motorway or coming from new market (a different direction all together). and it is interesting how the very same things can look so foreign when seen from a different perspective.

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