so i returned to port douglas less because i just love port douglas, and more because i wante to do the aboriginal walk that was indeed run by aboriginals. not to mention the food was pretty slamming and as we all know i am GREEDY. as it was, i just so happen to be in town on the day of their local rotary club meeting.

i knew about the meeting because they have a rotary park – a not uncommon place – and the little sign that explains the park also has their meeting info.

i decided i’d stick my head in but got all turned around in the wrong direction and came home. 

a little later i was starving adn decided to venture out for another stellar meal (lunch was expensive but worth every penny…curried prawns with mango chutney over mixed greens with feta cheese…and a freshly squeezed juice with passionfruit, mango, pineapple and ginger…but i digress). as i walked toward the restaurant i had been directed to i saw the familiar wooden rotary sign that most clubs put up outside their meeting place. despite my casual attire i stuck my head in and was invited in.

turns out they are pretty informal anyway. the longer i lingered the more people asked why i was there and word got round that i was an ambassadorial scholar. blah blah blah…they asked me to say a few words and i did.

later, their actual speaker and i started talking and kept talking for a few hours. the headmaster at the local primary schoo – he invited me to come speak to his kids. so today…after walking through the rainforest and checking out edible and poisonous plants, getting a little history on rainforest aboriginal lifestyles…i dropped into the school.

the grade 7 teachers were gracious enough to invite me in and i talked to the kids for about 45 minutes…afterwards…about five of them escorted me a little ways to the local habitat sanctuary where i finally saw a cassawary (a large prehistoric bird that i’ll post later), koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles and any number of birds and snakes…

not too shabby a day.

however…since i appartently can’t read a calendar i find myself in cairns a day before i intended which means i have to fine a way to occupy myself tomorrow…

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