The problem with reading anything political is that you have to wade through propaganda and perspectives in search of the truth. Everyone does it…democrats, republicans, Americans, Venezuelans. Hence my chagrin and concern when reading about hugo chavez’s recent victory.


I’ve picked my way through “america’s” general dislike for hugo…and from my perspective there isn’t much for us to dislike. He has stopped the corruption of the oil companies (stealing money from years and keeping it for the privileged few), he has redistributed wealth to the masses bringing health, housing and literacy to millions, and closer to home he reduced prices on heating in Massachusetts.


So why all the issues – other than he doesn’t like our president? Lets face it…most people don’t, what makes him so different?


But then the other shoe fell…possibly…depending on if this is American spin or real truth…either way worry rises. I read an article on ABC’s website that mentioned hugo’s eagerness to do away with term limitations and private tv stations. Both are things I feel strongly about, term limitations because it leaves a democratic system vulnerable to subtle changes over time that can undermine democracy in general…and private media because it should be a check and balance to any government.


I hope it isn’t true. I hope hugo continues on his course of doing for the poor and doesn’t get drunk off of his own success – his own power. I hope he doesn’t become a bush, chiselling at government documents set up and agreed upon for the governing of his nation and I hope he doesn’t become a mugabe paranoid and refusing to relinquish his control even at the detriment of his countrymen/women. It would be a shame for him to become his own version of the devil he swears he despises.




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