why is it that when there were “hypothetical” wmd in the middle east…we invaded with little provocation – but when the raging meglomaniac in north korea confirmed that he did in fact have wmds and that he doesn’t like us…and now that he has actually tested wmds and is planning follow-up tests, we have nothing to say except sanctions?

could it be a lack of oil for inspiration?

in the wake of how thin our military is currently spread, can we afford to spread it any thinner even in the shadow of real danger?

something to worry about?
north korean bravado


real threat


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  1. LaDawn says:

    Tijuanna, a real scrapper and borderline bully, in high school once told me how to deal with a girl who was physically threatning me. "Act crazy," she said plainly. "I don't mess with crazy people."

    Kim Jung Il IS crazy. We don't want none of that.

  2. Harbeer S says:

    Wasn't it sanctions that got to this point? From what I understand, what the North Korean "leadership" (dictatorship) wants is bilateral talks with the US–they want to be considered an "equal," of sorts. That was going on under Clinton, and their nuclear program was on hold. Then BushCo came to office and pulled out of bilateral agreements and wants to keep using China and S. Korea as their proxy–refusing to talk to N. Korea face-to-face, refusing to say that they won't attack N. Korea, etc. So the N. Koreans got back to work and made their bomb. The real danger with N. Korea having a bomb, though, is that they'll sell it to people that want to kill innocent people–but the US is the only country in the history of the world that has actually used a nuke…Why don't you allow html in your comments so I can provide some documentation here? Jeez!

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