i don’t have pictures cuz i’m by myself and they were gonna charge me $25. and while they were cute photos and would remind me of a grand time…the money i spent zorbing was enough of an investment.

but let me tell you…if you EVER get the chance to jump in an oversized beach ball with a little warm water and hurtle yourself down a zig-zagged hill…go for it!

i was skeptical at first. my plan had been to get strapped into one dry (after all this is zed and even though it is “technically” summer it is also “technically” cold!). when it said it was unavailable i was really bummed. and the lady behind the counter told me that even it if was up she would have urged me to get wet.

i assume she is trying to make a sale but since i’m there and this is one of the things i’ve wanted to do since i came down under i figured what the hell…

and so i changed into some zorbonaut clothes (ie. t-shirt and shorts with zorb logo branded across me) and took a bumpy (i actually spent quite a bit of air time from bouncing up and down) ride up the hill and watched as other dove head first into the ball and the got hurled down the course.

first of all…it is more than a ball…it is a ball within a ball…kind of. so you don’t feel the bumps directly and what you do is kind of like a wash cylce…or maybe a dryer…but wet…and so much fun. you just slide and slip and laugh and it was an all around great time.

so yeah…this advertisemnt for them…but they gave me a big cheesy smile (twice) so what the heck!

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