so…as i suspected, 12 hours is not too rough a patch on a plane. i made it here with minimal issues (except you will get ticketed at LAX if you don’t move along like the signs say!). folks have been friendly. i’ve been at the university all day long trying to sort out classes and living arrangements and banks and any number of details that i was unable to do while sitting comfortably in texas with nothing else to see or do.

the weather is beautiful – the city seems walkable. i made my first friend and she loves dim sum…so we’ve decided once i get settled i’ll give her a shout and off we’ll go to eat and rave (i told her i’m too old and she told me she is too – 28! so there…i’m old and i’m going to rave!).

i had alll these funny tidbits in my head i wanted to share but they are gone for the moment…once i get more info i’ll let you all know. in the meantime – know i am safe, my sponsor was there smiling with his wife, and i am trying to make things happen this side.


by the by, in NZ fanny means the front side not the back…just thought you might want to know.

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