i moaned and complained about not having my girlfriends while i was in zed. i had my man, school, a job and such…overwhelmingly life was good. i had friends that were girls…good friends…but i missed my crew of women that have known me anywhere from 7 to 15 years.

my recent time in new york has given me that. mopey me who has been listening to music and finding melancholy in it even if it isn’t there.

but this weekend…with both high school and peace corps folks…i’ve been dancing twice…shopping…eating…laying in bed til the wee hours cuz were were up and out til the wee hours.

i love my girls…that they let me whine about my heart and the piece of it that i left in zed, that they let me cry a little, that they make me laugh and remember that life isn’t all bad.

so here is to everyone that has good friends…and to any woman who knows the beauty of good girlfriends…God bless them every one!

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