looks like i’m about to be on the road again…not a plan of mine dear friends, but rita has me on the road again. we just closed our office in st. charles parish where we were processing disaster victims so that they could get money for katrina – then dear rita who was headed for my family and not me decided to do a little wiggle dance and might be coming here. we are dismantling. although currently and we are hurrying up and waiting…to figure out just where we’ll be evacuating to. this could get interesting given the amount of people already displaced. i don’t know where or when.

on a happy note…a sweet friend of mine took me to my apartment and helped me load up some stuff…my red silk sari from sri lanka is in tact as is the tea for my sister and the ginger for my brother (in law…one day i’ll right aobut how much i hate to qualify him in that way…he’s just my brother to me!).

so, there is a toasty egg wash finish to my otherwise soggy bread!

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3 Comments on on the road again

  1. x0lani says:

    My God, Linnea, your luck is incredible. Not good but incredible. First your life is decimated by Katrina then further worried by Rita? Hang in there…

    Keep writing. It's fascinating to read. A bit like a car accident.

  2. x0lani says:

    Hmmm… not sure why that posted twice. Sorry…

  3. Marston says:

    I want a toasty egg wash finish…carry on

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