You’d think by now I’d learn my lesson…cheekiness is next to idiocy. But still I persist on being smarmy and then having to apologize. They other day I was lamenting to S that I only have three months left. I forgot why…but there was some urgency to the conversation. He corrected me, “you only have two months left.” Silly man, I counted on my fingers, “September to October, October to November, November to December.” Three months, easy as 1, 3, 82…why? Because it is October already. This, of course, left me open to being counted on fingers in the reverse. A little gentle chiding never hurt anyone but oh how time flies.


So the reality hits me…I really only have two months left. And what makes it feel shorter is that I only have two actual classes left (one this week) and two assignments (one almost finished) and one final exam. Everything else is just the waning of time in daily activities and this art class I want to take.


Where does the time go? Even a few months ago when I was idling around Australia I still felt like I had a chunk of time under my belt. But I don’t. And with it comes thoughts for the future.


So I’m coming home. Anyone who cares should know I’ll be in Dallas initially and then off to Houston for Christmas. I’m not sure of the week or two between new years and New Orleans…still without any heads up on housing or classes, I can’t seem to quite think that far ahead.


In case anyone is wondering…I’m down for any gathering that involves Mexican food, Italian food, Mediterranean food, Vietnamese food, Fat Catz Louisiana kitchen, or a Texas T-bone steak…just in case you were wondering.

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  1. Harbeer S says:

    I call Vietnamese!

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